BI As a Service

Challenges in BI As a Service

Traditional BI tools were designed by analysts or IT staff, and these features are not accessible and difficult to understand, and not scalable or flexible for mobile devices. 

BI provides a basis of data source integration, easy-to-use analytic models and techniques, auto-suggestions for analytical techniques, and report formats. It helps businesses to make better decisions and optimize business results. 

Benefits of BI As a Service

Data-driven business decisions

Accurate data and rapid reporting offer better decisions for your business. With the help of dashboards, you can view the reports in real-time and sales forecasts with your valuable clients. 

Enables collaboration

Employees can create and share metrics with their co-workers to make better decisions about the future growth of the company. 

Rich personalized dashboards

Multiple dashboards facilitate customization to meet the specific needs of an enterprise. Dashboards and Reports can easily integrate with applications for a better user experience. 

Increased efficiency 

Business Intelligence has inbuilt features like quick and customizable reports, drag and drag functions, and real-time integration. All these features help reduce the time for viewing reports and focus on detailed analysis. It helps to enhance efficiency and saves time to evaluate the goals of an organization. 

Improved customer experience 

BI helps to analyze customer behavior and customer experience. Dashboards pulled data from operations and improved customer service.

Reduces costs

It helps your clients to reduce subscription costs based on their usage and enhances flexibility. 

Integrates seamlessly with existing applications 

You can integrate business intelligence with existing applications to analyze business analytics and report on existing applications. 

Boost ROI (Return on Investment) 

BI measures the effectiveness of marketing channels using various strategies and improves return on investment.